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Ferrum Wandla + Hypsos System Combo

Ferrum Wandla + Hypsos System Combo

End game DAC+PSU combo. Brand new DAC only available in limited quantities until next batch arrives later in the summer.


NOTE: This combo DOES include the DC Power Link Cable so its all ready to go once unboxed.


Sale is on until sold out. Please contact directly if you have any questions or regarding stock prior to ordering.


This is the DAC of 2023!



  • Specs:

    Operation:   Fully balanced, proprietary IC power amp
    DAC chip:    ESS Sabre ES9038PRO    
    DAC resolution:   768k/32bit, DSD 256    
    Digital inputs: – AES/EBU (up to 196kHz/24bit, DoP 64)
        Optical S/PDIF (up t/24bit)  
        – Coaxial S/PDIF (up to 192kHz/24bit, DoP 64)
        – USB-C (up to 768kHz/32bit, DSD 256)  
        – ARC (up to 192kHz/24bit), TV input with CEC
        – I2S (up to 768kHz/32bit, DSD 256), PS Audio® compatible
    MQA®:    decoder and renderer (on all digital inputs)
    Analog inputs:  RCA      
    Analog input Vmax: 9,5V RMS (2 – 3,5V RMS recommended)
    Analogue input imp: 47kΩ      
    Line outputs:  balanced XLR; unbalanced RCA  
    Volume control:  analogue with bypass option / digital for DAC operation only
    Output level:  @0dBFS, 1kHz sine 9,3V RMS balanced, 4,65V RMS unbalanced
    Frequency response:  10Hz – 200kHz +/- 0,1dB    
    analog inputs         
    DAC THD:    -121dB (0,00009%); THD+N: -115dB (unweighted)
    Analog input THD:  -123dB @ 2V RMS output level  
    Dyn. range analog:  127dB (A-weighted)    
    Dyn. range digital:  127dB (A-weighted)    
    Crosstalk:    -120dB for 1kHz, better than -100dB for 20Hz -20kHz 
    Output impedance: 22Ω unbalanced
    Output impedance: 44Ω balanced
    Power consumption: 10W idle / 15W max    
    Power inputs: 5,5/2,5 mm DC connector centre positive
        proprietary FPL 4-pin DC connector (FPL)
    Power adapter: 100-240 VAC to 24VDC    
    Dimensions:   21,7 x 20,6 x 5 cm    
    (WxDxH)   8.6 x 8.1 x 2.0 inch    
    Weight:   1,8 kg / 3,97 lbs