Signature LAN Cable GOLD

Signature LAN Cable GOLD

JCAT's flagship ethernet cable. Best of the best! Suitable for reference level music servers and digital networking components.

  • Specifications


    • World’s best RJ45 connectors exclusive for JCAT – MFP8 IE GOLD from Japan Telegaertner Limited
    • Pure Silver/7% GOLD alloy conductor
    • Deep cryogenic treatment
    • Extremely high resolution without harshness
    • Extremely high dynamics
    • Extremely precise soundstage in all directions
    • Beautiful natural tone
    • Full-bodied rich texture
    • Does not exhibit any signs of thin or edgy sound that is often associated with silver cables
    • Supports 1Gbit \ 100Mbit \ 10Mbit connection speed (CAT 6A specification)
    • Availalbe in 1 meter length exclusively
    • Install between music server & network streamer, between network switch/router & endpoint (in combination with NET Isolator) or between Control PC & Audio PC in JPLAY dual PC mode (recommended to use with NET Card FEMTO)
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