Pachanko LAN (Ethernet) Aphelion

Pachanko LAN (Ethernet) Aphelion

Flagship LAN/Ethernet cable from Pachanko Studio! All handmade in Reunion Island.


The Pachanko Ethernet Aphelion cable uses four OCC silver plated data conductor pairs to ensure the transport of the overall bandwidth and procure an extremely high level of listening. Recommended for use on your music server, NAS and audio grade switch.


Standard size is 1.5m (Ideal length)

Please specify if longer lengths required ($100 per additional 50cm)

Can also be option to use an M12 connectors instead of default RJ45 (no additional cost).

  • Specifications

    Pachanko Ethernet "Aphelion" Features:


    - 4 Pair OCC multi stranded copper wire (Ohno Continuous Cast)

    - Silver plated conductors

    - Mu Metal shielding

    - Cryo treated

    - Multi core wire with different size to cover the overall bandwith 

    - Teflon coated

    - Coton coated (From Madagascar)

    - CAT8 standard - High End plugs

    - M12 version available

    - 100% Handcrafted

C$1,000.00 Regular Price
C$750.00Sale Price