Pachanko Constellation Mini SE

Pachanko Constellation Mini SE

Brand New compact music server from Pachanko Labs!


Introducing the Pachanko Constellation Mini SE!

The MINI SE is equiped with a Intel CPU with 4 core and 8 GB RAM industrial custom modules for best latency and data transfer. Fanless design, no noise, the OS part is a custom Windows heavily tweaked to reach the lowest latency possible. Every detail is kept to reach a top end musicality. This server can be combined with our multi stage "Stellar" power supply to reach a unprecedented level of performance. This help to provide a good soundstage accuracy, micro and macro details, better headroom and very natural tones.


Comes in silver, black or titanium colours


4 Weeks to Deliver from time of order. All Pachanko products are built to order.



  • Specifications

    Features :


    Chassis : Fanless design, Aluminium anodized case, completely passive cooled for silent operation 

    CPU : 4 core, 4 Thread CPU

    Ram : 8GB custom industrial module

    System : Custom Windows 10 OS, Fully tweaked BIOS, Ultralow Jitter and very low latency

    Audio Output : USB

    Storage : SSD NVMe  with OS, Music SSD storage is an option up to 8TB 

    Audio Formats supported : WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, MP3, DSD, MQA supported audio formats

    Software : Roon music management, Diretta, Roon, HQplayer, JPLAY playback software (Customer choice)

    Connections : External connections consist of 2 USB ports, 2 LAN port, Fiber Optic (Optionnal), SPDIF (Optionnal)

    Power Supply : 12V AC Adaptor block, Stellar LPS (Optional)

    Remote Access : Remote setup and maintenance

    Colour Options : Silver and Black 

    Dimensions :  240 x 250 x 100mm (W x D x H)

    Weight : Arround 7kg

    Cables : Power cord, AC Adaptor block 

    Estimated ship date : 4 weeks  after ordering

    Shipping : not included (Only express delivery)

    Warranty : 2 years