Pachanko Aphelion SATA

Pachanko Aphelion SATA

Sometimes you may ask that how can we do better than something that it is already perfect in your ears? Pachanko introduces the new SATA "Aphelion", the most important piece of your audio system that a lot of audiophiles are ignoring...


40cm length standard.

  • Specifications

    Pachanko "SATA Aphelion" Features:


    - OCC multi stranded copper wire (Ohno Continuous Cast)

    - Silver plated conductors

    - Cryo treated

    - Multi core wire with different size to cover the overall bandwith 

    - Teflon coated

    - Coton coated (From Madagascar)

    - Mu Metal shielding

    - Shielded connectors

    - 100% Handcrafted

    - Can be bent

    - Compatible with all OS

    - Lifetime warranty

C$900.00 Regular Price
C$675.00Sale Price