JCAT Optimo Nano

JCAT Optimo Nano

February 2022 price update. For 2021 price on existing stock, please inquiry directly.

Brand new product from JCAT! More affordable power supply for JCAT NET/USB XE Cards and SSD! Can be used with an existing PC power supply to offer clean power internally to JCAT Cards and SSDs.

  • Specifications

    • 5V DC / 2A power supply active filter and buffer
    • Designed to buffer and filter typically very noisy 5V DC power supply coming from computer or so called ‘audiophile grade’ switching power supplies.
    • Features linear low impedance output stage based on design of JCAT flagship linear power supplies
    • Input voltage is filtered by active stage and buffered on top quality low impedance capacitors vastly improving dynamic response
    • Comes with high-quality teflon insulated, silver plated 18AWG DC cable, with both LP4 MOLEX and SATA connectors cables.
    • Plug & play; connect cable from computer PSU on one side of OPTIMO nano and clean power goes out on the other side of OPTIMO nano which you can use to power JCAT card &/or SSD via included premium cables.
    • Superb build quality: 70oz gold plated PCB, top quality components, design optimized for low impedance and short signal path
  • FAQ

    Who is OPTIMO nano for?

    For audiophiles looking for serious sound quality improvement and:
    a) don’t want to invest in INITIO, OPTIMO DUO or OPTIMO S ATX power supplies.

    b) have already ‘audiophihle grade’ power supply and don’t want to replace it with a different product.

    c) don’t have room for adding a separate box power supply – OPTIMO nano is installed inside PC and takes no extra space.

    How to install OPTIMO nano?

    Simply connect between your computer power supply and a device (e.g. USB Card):

    • Connect LP4 molex cable from your computer PSU to the input on the right side of OPTIMO nano.
    • Use the included high-quality DC cable that comes with OPTIMO nano; connect LP4 molex to the output of OPTIMO nano on the left side.
      The other end of the DC cable goes into a device (e.g. SSD or JCAT card)
    • You can put the OPTIMO nano loose inside PC enclosure or use the self-adhesive tape that is in the baseplate of OPTIMO nano

      Which devices can be powered by OPTIMO nano?

      All JCAT cards; USB Card FEMTO, NET Card FEMTO, USB Card XE & NET Card XE.

    SSDs and HDDs (models using 5V voltage only)

    How many devices can I power with a single OPTIMO nano set?

    One JCAT card and one SSD. Powering two JCAT cards requires two OPTIMO nano sets.