JCAT NET Isolator

JCAT NET Isolator



Disconnects electrical connection between devices connected together via Ethernet network, prevents current flow, ground-loops & AC hum which effectively eliminates noise in modern audio systems resulting in better sound quality

  • Specifications

    • Gigabit Ethernet network isolator for network audio
    • Provides galvanic isolation on all signal lines up to 5kV
    • Breaks data lines & shield (protection against ground loops)
    • Reduces noise & mains hum transmitted over network connection to inaudible level
    • Protects against power surges
    • Plug & Play transparent operation, no drivers needed
    • Install between the Ethernet cable which connects to home network (the router or the switch) and the network audio component (music server, network renderer)
    • For best performance install in close distance to the network audio  component (music server, network  renderer)
    • The Ethernet cable entering the NET Isolator from home network (the router or the switch) does not have to be very high quality, but it is recommended that the short Ethernet cable from the NET Isolator to the network audio component (music server, network renderer) is audio-grade – it is of most importance
    • The NET Isolator eliminates harshness caused by the network noise and makes the listening stressfree. Noisefloor is lower, music flows more effortless and finer details can be heard easily
    • Connectors: RJ45 (input), RJ45 (output)
    • Supported transmission speeds: 10Mbit/s, 100Mbit/s, 1Gbit/s
    • Housing made of non-conductive plastic
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