JCAT Initio 3 Linear Power Supply  **Preorder Special!**

JCAT Initio 3 Linear Power Supply **Preorder Special!**

10 percent off *** Limited Time for Pre-orders! ***


High quality linear PSU with 2 DC outputs for powering two devices (e.g. USB & NET Femto or XE cards). Borrowing technology from the flaship Optimo 3 DUO linear PSU; a more affordable option for those on a tighter budget! Additional DC Cable is $250. Please specify voltage requirements when ordering (Comes in either 12V or 5V dual outputs with max 3A current capacity combined).

  • Specifications

    • Features two DC outputs; 5V or 12V and total output current of 3A.
    • Based on the OPTIMO 3 DUO design, it uses the same LT3045 ultra low-noise linear voltage regulators to provide high quality power to any equipment (DAC, USB converter, network switch, router, USB & NET cards etc.) that requires 5V or 12V – please specify Voltage in the purchase note.
    • Truly linear design (no switching power supplies anywhere)
    • Bespoke transformer with magnetic and electrical shielding, sealed with epoxy resin for low-noise operation.
    • High quality components: all capacitors, sockets and connectors are of quality that you would expect from a JCAT product.
    • Comes with one 1.2m shielded DC cable with 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC barrel plugs (2.5 plugs and other connectors available on request). Substantial 0.8mm2 cross section of conductors ensures proper energy transfer to load.
    • Chassis made of single sheet of bended steel for high rigidity and low mechanical resonance.
    • Protection features: short circuit protection, current limit and thermal overload protection, transient overvoltage protection.
    • Manufactured in EU with 110-240V AC input.
    • Ships in February
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