Hemingway Audio Z-Core Omega XLR Interconnects

Hemingway Audio Z-Core Omega XLR Interconnects

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Z-Core Omega. The flagship range from Hemingway Audio Cables. Ultra high end cables for the most demanding systems with extreme resolution and precision/accuracy of sound reproduction. The final say in ultra high end audio cables. No competition comes close when it comes to delivering all aspects of the music unadulterated. All built in Korea (including the terminations/connectors). Hemingway Audio does not purchase reviews online or engage in marketing hype. This company has a reputation of being one of the top quality cable makers globally for a reason. All Hemingway cables are focused on presenting the music in a way that your system intends. These cables add nothing and subtract nothing from the signal. Using advanced patented technology for minimizing electrical interference, Hemingway has created cables with unparalleled performance in the high end and ultra high end audio sector. Anyone who has been in this hobby and has heard of Hemingway will tell you, these are end game cables for the final system of your dreams.


Cable Length: 1.5m (standard length, longer lengths are possible however please inquire for specific size)

Conductor: Copper with Silver-Gold alloy

Outer Shield: Teflon, Urethane, Silicon, Nylon Net

Technology: FMCF, Multiway transfer method (new for this generation)


Please see the link below to the Manufacturer's webpage for more information regarding the technologies and techniques used for these cables.


All cables come with a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects.


  • Manufacturer website for more information