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Burson Audio Timekeeper 3X GT (Pair)

Burson Audio Timekeeper 3X GT (Pair)

Class A/AB power amps in a sleek portable package that pack a punch for their size!

All Timekeeper 3XGT purchases come with:


  • Timekeeper GT Mono Amp Pair ( x 2 units)
  • Tailored 210W Burson Super-Chargers (one per unit) 
  • GT accent Cool Stands (one per unit)
  • 12V Chain start trigger cables (one per unit)


  • Specifications

    • High current Class-AB outputting 30 of its 180 Watts in pure Class-A.
    • Fully discrete and direct coupling circuitry features a fully differential input stage.
    • One amp per channel to eliminate cross channel interference.
    • Output: 180W@4ohm – 110W@8ohm
    • Idling Power: 100W
    • app. 5 kg / 11 lbs
    • 255mm x 270mm x 70mm
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